Tuesday, May 26, 2009

They Have some serious PROBLEMS

I have finally cleared out the Ahnics and the Djeserit tombs. and boy, they should see a counsler or something. and i finally got all of the beetles! i knew where they all were but i waited till i passed each one in the game. OK OK ALREADY! for those readers that are still desperately looking for those weird dungbeetles that who knows whats Zeke does with them. (maybe a beetle mutation plant in Grizzleheim O.o) i will state the locations for all beetles i can remember.
Ahem, as follows:
Oasis Beetle: Behind one of the shops
Second Oasis Beetle: On the right side of Library
Lets see, Oh. Chamber of Fire Beetle: Somwhere on the ledges going up i think the middle one where you can move far to the right.
Altar of Kings Beetle: Go to the left and continue down to pile of rubble blocking hall.
Krokosphinx Island Beetle: Go to the left, around sphinx and you'll find it
Entrance Hall Beetle: just go up large staircase and go to the platform most likely to left across from ice temple. you'll find it!
Emperors Retreat Beetle: On the frozen lake, just get to the area with torches and continue to a building with what used to be a peir, but is not now cuz THE LAKE FROZE!
Tomb of Storms Beetle: this is tricky. all you have to do is go around the sphinx head teleporter thing and the beetle is there.
Well of Spirits Beetle: When you get to buigilers tomb, go past to the back of the room and the beetle is behind big thing that blocks veiw. go find it i dont care.
Karanahan Barracks Beetle: Just take the long way across the magic stone wood bridge storm place.



  1. haha! Thanks for the goodwill.

  2. The entrance hall beetle is on the second level across from the door to the Temple of Ice.

  3. thank you 12th nightmare. i will edit that in. eventually.

  4. wow just checked out the site funnest thing i saw and i read alot.

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