Tuesday, May 26, 2009

They Have some serious PROBLEMS

I have finally cleared out the Ahnics and the Djeserit tombs. and boy, they should see a counsler or something. and i finally got all of the beetles! i knew where they all were but i waited till i passed each one in the game. OK OK ALREADY! for those readers that are still desperately looking for those weird dungbeetles that who knows whats Zeke does with them. (maybe a beetle mutation plant in Grizzleheim O.o) i will state the locations for all beetles i can remember.
Ahem, as follows:
Oasis Beetle: Behind one of the shops
Second Oasis Beetle: On the right side of Library
Lets see, Oh. Chamber of Fire Beetle: Somwhere on the ledges going up i think the middle one where you can move far to the right.
Altar of Kings Beetle: Go to the left and continue down to pile of rubble blocking hall.
Krokosphinx Island Beetle: Go to the left, around sphinx and you'll find it
Entrance Hall Beetle: just go up large staircase and go to the platform most likely to left across from ice temple. you'll find it!
Emperors Retreat Beetle: On the frozen lake, just get to the area with torches and continue to a building with what used to be a peir, but is not now cuz THE LAKE FROZE!
Tomb of Storms Beetle: this is tricky. all you have to do is go around the sphinx head teleporter thing and the beetle is there.
Well of Spirits Beetle: When you get to buigilers tomb, go past to the back of the room and the beetle is behind big thing that blocks veiw. go find it i dont care.
Karanahan Barracks Beetle: Just take the long way across the magic stone wood bridge storm place.


Friday, May 22, 2009

The Mysterious Tomb of Storms!

Well my pyromancer got into the
Tomb of Storms today.
and let me tell you, the Tomb of Beguilers is not easy. i am glad i had reinforcements. and the boss battles in the Fire area took 30 minutes! no lie! the ice area made me happy but i still died a bit. even though i was dead, i still won the instance with the other guys. i dont know how, but i was able to take a victory clain on the battle, and the guy somehow had to be killed twice! sometimes i feel like " i dont want to play a card game with these monsters that can eat me! i want to walk up, punch them in the face, and be done with it." and dont tell me that no one else in the wizard 101 world has not thought that at one point or another. i do not buy into that crap. i feel it would be much easier to, instead of throwing cards at each other, it would be better to pick up a large metel pole lying on the ground, and whack them in the fracking head, steal their money and clothes, and walk away as if nothing happened. that would be slightly more epic than the current battle system. and that was the thoughts i got from tomb of beguilers.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm amazed I'm not Dead!

yes i am surprised that i have not yet kicked the necromancers bucket yet. ya see, its like this. you never really know how powerful ice magic can be... until you become a fire wizard. my pyromancer is still stuck in the krokosphinx, even though i have a lot of ice protection gear on. i have 13 percent ice defense. and they still kill me so easily! i hate all those creepy crocodiles and those weird spiders and strange giant blocks of ice-men. they can go sit and spin. you can only get that joke if you watch aqua teen hunger force on adult swim. i'm so bored. uh, in other news, Isaac made friends with two grandmasters today, Kane and, er, man i hate this short term memory loss, uh, i'll remember someday. and you know, if you want actual information of the wizard game, go to the friendly necromancer.
the address is:
visit. enjoy. dont forget that it is deadly to go to that site. if you go, your eyeballs will drip green slime. or maybe thats just a condition of mine.... O.o

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

well, i made it!

Yes. its true.
my pyromancer made it to
the icy cold krokosphinx.
now i have a question for all of my readers (that probably dont exist yet.)
aren't colored blogs fun?
they sure are.
as for my fanfiction, have not came around to starting it
but it will be good (if i ever get started.)
Goodwill. Ta ta. See ya. Post over. Go back to the game now. Bye.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Hello all readers! (and stingite)
i have not been on for a while because, well,
i almost didnt find the new post button!
i dont have much to say, but
my pyromancer got into the palace of fire today,
i am pretty sure i found out the twitter code
and no i will not be giving away answers.
i saw the seventh code and i hit me like a pile of bricks
being supported by a piano.
and it is not good for all of those falling on peoples head puns
to be together.
i am toying with all the functions of the blog and its fun!
i am not playing the game often right now because i just
went on a trip to the barnes and nobles the greatest bookstore of
so i got the ending of a few series i was after, like the sisters grimm and the pendragon series.
i reccomend them to all fantasy/ sci fi fans out there. because ...
i hope to see you all in wizard 101. so ...
ps i will be on for a bit today. if you want you may catch my pyromancer in the palace of fire. or maybe the krokosphinx. depends on how long i can keep the urge to play. mr pyromancers name is Isaac FireRider. he needs a ladder for his play he is reinactng in his palace. romeo and juliet. he has the tower. and the tree and the tent. now he needs the worn ladder that will bring romeo to juliet. until he spots the wood nymph and runs off with a tree. lol

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome, Fellow Wizards.

Hello and good-will. I hail from a far and distant land, known to mast as Wizard City.
Thats right.
another blog about wizard 101. i may not post much, but i will try to be imaginative. As you can see, i am a conjurer, Stuck in Mooshu, Named Justin HexHunter. I know that you all know this blogs name is ripped off from the Friendly Necromancer, whose blog i highly reccomend. and thomas lionblood, i still want to read that fanfiction of yours! I summon the powers of the mind to aid you.
*Summons a level four Cyclops Minion to rush off to the friendly necromancers work desk*
By the way, i will also be working on a fanfiction. it will most likely not be as good as Thomas's, but i digress. I really hope you consider continuing to read my blog, when i actually have the time to blog. which i do. too much time in fact.

i am thinking that should be my exit phrase, like friendly has " Happy Dueling" i thought i might do something like that.